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As your tax firm grows, you take on more complex work and the amount of IRS correspondence your client base receives will grow.  On this growth path, there’s a point that you need expertise in tax research and IRS matters but aren’t big enough to hire a capable full-time person for the job.  You’re qualified in these areas but simply don’t have the time.  This is where I come in.

Tax Research

I write accurate and concise research memos supported by primary authority.  This provides confidence to you and your client that the return is correct and the least amount of tax is being paid.  If the IRS comes calling, you’ll have the research memo in hand to support and defend your return position.

IRS Matters

As a former IRS Revenue Agent, I’m well versed in IRS policy and procedure and use this knowledge to deliver favorable outcomes for you and your clients.

My IRS expertise includes:

  • Penalty abatement – Using the Internal Revenue Manual and the tax code, I give your client the best chance at getting their penalties waived.
  • Notice resolution – With my IRS expertise, I quickly identify the issues at hand and respond appropriately with a phone call or letter.  This saves you time and frustration from sitting on hold with the IRS or drafting lengthy letters.
  • Audit support – I act as a consultant to you to make sure the IRS agent follows the rules and makes correct audit determinations.

I work on an hourly or fixed-fee basis – however you bill your clients.  When you use my services you leverage my time and expertise to provide better client service and generate additional revenue.