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Tax Research - David Glenn, CPA

Tax Research for Accountants

As the owner of a growing tax firm, you are busy servicing your clients and making sure your firm is operating at its best.  Unfortunately, this often leaves little time to spend hours conducting tax research.  This is where I come in.

When you’ve got a tax question, I’m there to answer it for you.  Depending on the question, I may write a formal memo but for others an email exchange or phone call will suffice.

My tax research support is 100% on-demand.  You can call or email me whenever you need, whether it’s once a year or once a week.  I have many clients that I hear from once a year and others I work with on a regular basis.

I charge $130/hour and can send my invoice when the project is done or on a monthly basis, whichever works best for you.  Many accountants will bill my hours or fee out at a higher rate, some as high as $200/hour.

How I Benefit You –

  • More time to build your growing practice
  • Confidence that your tax return positions are on solid, well-researched ground
  • Avoid spending hours buried in the confusing Internal Revenue Code
  • Responsive service to your clients by getting an answer to them quickly

You can check out my work with these sample research memos –

Sample Memo #1 – Dependent Exemption of Divorced Parents

Sample Memo #2 – Principal Residence Exclusion

Sample Memo #3 – Formless LLC Conversions

Other Topics Researched

  • Unrelated Business Taxable Income for CRUTs
  • Cell tower lease sale structuring to obtain capital gains treatment for owners
  • Effect of divorce decree on eligibility to claim a dependent
  • §1250 recapture for real property where bonus depreciation had been claimed
  • Bad debt deduction and related parties
  • Cancellation of debt income exclusions, corresponding tax attribute reduction and §382 NOL limitations
  • §121 exclusion for jointly owned property of mother and daughter
  • Use of overall cash method of accounting and inventory, requirements to switch to accrual
  • Reporting and withholding requirements of payment of a legal settlement under the Family & Medical Leave Act
  • Allocation of basis in relinquished property to multiple replacement properties in a §1031 exchange
  • Application of self-employment tax to LLC members
  • Accounting for advance payments

Contact Me Directly

Phone: (808) 321-5664

Phone: (808) 321-5664
“We have been in business for over 30 Yrs & had a lot of researchers David is hands down the best!   Quick – Reliable –  & Fair priced.”
Kevin DonahueKevin A. Donahue, CPA
“David has been a great asset for my firm and I know I can rely on him to find the right answer for my clients every time. I highly recommend David’s tax research services.”
Bjorn ZellnerFinancial Navigation Group
“I truly appreciate being able to call or email David to talk through a complex or unfamiliar tax issue.  It saves me valuable time researching on my own so I am able to better serve my clients.”
LeAnn RisenhooverLeAnn Risenhoover, CPA, PLC
“David Glenn is the perfect choice for a busy CPA firm.  Over the past year David has provided invaluable tax research for my firm.  He is responsive and timely and his work accurate and thorough.  I would recommend him to any firm who needs additional tax and tax research services.”
Marybeth MassiminoMassimino CPA, LLC
“As a smaller CPA firm, it’s great to have David as a resource when we encounter a more complex issue or something we are less familiar with.  We are able to provide better services to our clients by working with David.”
Alex NovorrKevin A. Donahue, CPA